Over its 15-plus year history, the X-Men films have introduced a diverse lineup of mutants, both good and evil. Many have been well-received overall, like Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. However, not everyone has gotten such positive treatment. In many cases, the heroes and villains seen on the big screen are either underutilized or barely reminiscent of their comic book counterparts. Granted, not every important character from the X-Men comics can get the opportunity to be prominently featured in these movies, but even so, it’s been disappointing to see certain characters poorly adapted.

With X-Men: Apocalypse less than a year away, we’ve decided to take a look at the mutants the X-Men franchise has gotten wrong over the years. Some of these individuals are appearing in the 2016 blockbuster and will hopefully be used better, while others are unlikely to be better adapted (or even appear again) in future installments. Here are the folks who have gotten the shaft from filmmakers so far.

Scott Summers had an important role in the first X-Men film as the team’s leader, but the following films diminished his importance in favor of spotlighting Wolverine, and eventually he was killed off. X-Men: Days of Future Past at least somewhat remedied this by reviving him, but that doesn’t really make up for years of just making him come across as a dick. It’s unclear we’ll see the adult version of the character again, but at least fans will get to see Cyclops used more substantially next year when X-Men: Apocalypse explores his teen years studying under Professor X.

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