9. You Only Live Twice – Valentine’s Lair Design
How Bond Did It: In You Only Live Twice, Ernst Stavro Blofeld holes up in an active volcano. Using nature to his advantage, he hollows out his new home and fills it with a high tech command center, an army of goons armed for total warfare, and enough weapons to take out a small army. The computers are gigantic, and the volcano has a gigantic staging area that can house a full size rocket.

How Kingsman Flipped It: Valentine really was a big fan of those old Bond films, as he not only took almost the exact design scheme for his dastardly pad, he also has the pre-requisite army of goons. Though seeing as Samuel L. Jackson's baddie is more of a stylish, modern gent than the drab Blofeld ever was, Valentine has his command center decked out with flat screens, a disco ball, and a really cool touch screen console. All in all, he has much sleeker digs than his predecessor ever had.

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