Believe it or not, Shaun The Sheep Movie was recently announced as the highest rated film of the summer on Rotten Tomatoes. Why is this so unbelievable? Because for a film that only has one bad review out of the collective 112 reviews it received, it’s only made $11.1 million, to date, during in its US release. Lucky for Aardman, international grosses have elevated the film to a comfy $70.8 million total, but still – a film that could only find one critic against it couldn’t even make the top 10 ranking at the box office two weekends ago.

This got us to thinking: what other highly decorated films were released upon the public, only to fail at finding an audience? The results of such questioning are surprising enough that we actually found 10 supreme candidates that are well loved by critics, but somehow vastly unseen by the viewing public at large.  

A Most Violent Year
RT: 90%

Domestic Opening Weekend: $172,788 (Limited) - $1,512,224 (Wide)

Total Worldwide Gross: $5,749,134

What Happened?: There was one big factor that killed A Most Violent Year at the box office: its lack of awards buzz. Between Interstellar hampering any sort of Best Actress run for Jessica Chastain, and the lack of major awards nominations outside of Chastain’s Best Supporting Actress nod at the Golden Globes, J.C. Chandor’s powerful film was left to wither without the usual word of mouth that prestige season nominations lend to a film as small as this. Thankfully, both Chastain and Oscar Isaac made it out with their careers, but that’s little consolation as this film could have, and should have, done better.

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