Marvel Comics has always been home to some of the most famous villains in recent movie history, from Magneto to Doctor Doom to Loki. But as we've moved deeply into the next phase of comic book movies, the lesser and more obscure bad guys are starting to come out of the woodwork. In the past year alone, the big screen has seen the likes of Coldblood, the Collector and Malekith The Accursed, and this Friday's Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens with the early menace of Batroc The Leaper. These are some serious deep cut characters, ones that not even nerds could spot in a lineup.

But Marvel still has a bevy of great baddies that haven't popped up in movie form quite yet. And with the multi-tiered Avengers mythology, the growing Spider-Man universe and the worlds of X-Men and Fantastic Four, there's reason to believe some of Marvel's evil heavy hitters are coming right up. Neglecting the villains who have already been announced for future Marvel films (including the likes of Ultron), we've assembled a group of ten of Marvel's most beloved baddies that have yet to hit the screen.

Fin Fang Foom
Who Is He? Fin Fang Foom is an ancient alien dragon from before mankind's era, one who wakes ready to destroy. And sometimes, he talks.

Where Would He Fit? Imagery featuring the character was shown in both the first and third Iron Man movies, and Tony Stark did battle with the beast in the animated The Invincible Iron Man, fulfilling his common association with the villainous Mandarin. But as a mystical being, he could easily throw down with the God of Thunder in a third Thor, perhaps requiring the Asgardian legend to re-team with Avengers cohort the Hulk.

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