Interstellar has dropped it's fourth, and possibly final trailer today. It's an absolutely gorgeous affair, but there are moments that have us wondering just what's going on in the movie as a whole. While Christopher Nolan isn't the type to give away the whole bloody movie in one trailer, this has to be his most cryptic marketing campaign yet. Considering his past track record, this is an impressive feat that shows us just how wrong we are when we think we can call all of Nolan's tricks from the off. Here now are ten images from the latest Interstellar trailer that have us looking at the screen with the biggest "WTF" face we can muster.

A Robot Helper
What is that walking robotic helper following Matthew McConaughey? They seem to have hinted towards it in the previous trailers, but what does the name "TARS" stand for? Our guess: "Terrain Assistance Robotic Service"

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