Strange as as it may seem, we've seen a surprising number of original science-fiction films emerge over the last few years. From Chronicle to Looper to Elysium to Gravity, studios have begun taking a chance on interesting filmmakers with big ideas. Later this year we will see a continuation of this pattern with the release of the new blockbuster epic Interstellar.

But what do we actually know about the film so far? Who will star in it? How is it being filmed? To keep you up to date on all of the Interstellar movie's developments, we’ve constructed another one of our What We Know So Far guides. What’s the deal with Interstellar? Read on to find out!

Chris Nolan
The Director
He started getting attention with his first feature, Following; broke out with his second, Memento; became an A-list director with the help of Batman Begins; and brought started bringing big ideas to the blockbuster stage with Inception. In a strange way it seems like Christopher Nolan’s entire career has been leading up to the making of Interstellar. The British filmmaker officially signed on to direct the film in March of last year, and it will be the first time that his films take us beyond the boundaries of Earth. Like he did with both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, he is using IMAX cameras to shoot a great deal of footage – including some shots involving a Learjet.

Image from Interstellar
The Script
Interstellar is an immensely high-profile project thanks to Christopher Nola's involvement, but the truth is that he actually isn’t the first A-list filmmaker to be attached to the long in-development film. Jonah Nolan, Christopher’s brother, first started working on the script back in 2007 when Steven Spielberg was going to helm. Back then the movie was devised as a sci-fi epic about wormholes and time travel, but since Christopher Nolan became attached it’s been said the screenplay has received a bit of a tweak.

In January of last year it was reported that Christopher Nolan would be combining his brother’s script with another idea he has been developing for a long time, and while it’s unclear what those changes were, they will certainly be revealed as we get closer to the release date and the filmmaker opens up about his process crafting the movie.

Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar
Matthew McConaughey
A big reason why Matthew McConauthey has been able to turn his career around is because of his commitment to working with the best of the best filmmakers. In the past few years he has been working alongside the likes of Richard Linklater, William Friedkin, Jeff Nichols, Steven Soderbergh, and Martin Scorsese, and the reward has been excellent parts in exceptionally interesting projects (plus an Academy Award). He continues his streak of working with the best of the best by teaming with Christopher Nolan on Interstellar. Our lack of knowledge about the plot prevents us from knowing any concrete details about the part McConaughey will play in the movie, but he is playing the lead role.

Keep going to learn more about the cast and watch the movie's amazing trailers!

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