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Captain America arrives next weekend and, in a summer that’s already seen Thor and X-Men: First Class, it’s my hope that this will end up as the best superhero movie of the year. All the parts to make this great are in place, and if you take a close look at the footage on this page, I think you’ll see even more of them.

First up, four clips from First Avenger. Some of them are new, some of them are just good. All worth a look. If you haven’t seen them before, get ready to watch Cap kick ass with his shield. If you have seen some of them before, ignore the visuals and pay attention to the music. In particular keep your ears open during the Steve Rogers transformation clip. It’s epic, hero-theme stuff the likes of which has been missing from most of the other recent superhero movies. Watch and listen:

Next up, see how the clips you just watched were made in two extended, unedited, pieces of video from the set. Both of these are B-roll, shot candidly during filming. It’ll let you see how director Joe Johnston works with his cast to create movie magic, without any of the usual fancy editing getting between you and what happened on the Cap set.

Last up, a more carefully edited look at the making of Captain America: The First Avenger, complete with interviews from the cast.

Look for our Avenger review on Cinema Blend later this week. Until then, find everything you want to know about the movie on our Captain America database page.