If you've seen X-Men: Days Of Future Past (and we're assuming you have, because ALL SPOILER ZONE FROM HERE ON OUT), you know that the movie leaves the franchise in a peculiar place. Weirdly enough, it continues the idea that what we're talking about is three separate franchises, each one wildly different than the last. Because of the time travel shenanigans in Bryan Singer's film, these three separate X-Men timelines seem even less related than they were before.

We've decided to delve into the three worlds of the X-Men and discuss where they've left off following the events of Days Of Future Past. To be honest, there's a whole lot of questions hanging in the air, and we don't want to have to wait until 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse to answer them all. Here's a peek at each separate X-Men timeline as they currently stand.

The First Class
The events of Days Of Future Past basically exist in this timeline, so there's nothing that has to be changed, but a whole lot that must be established. For one, we know at the end of the new movie that Xavier's School is eventually re-opened, and at least Professor Xavier, Beast and Wolverine live to populate it.

Beyond that, we don't know what's in store for either Magneto or Mystique. In the previous timeline, as we moved to modern day it became clear that Magneto's Brotherhood was the greatest threat faced by humanity. Has monkeying around with the timeline changed that, allowing for the rise of Apocalypse? The post-credits baddie, the world's first mutant, has participated in several scenarios in the comics where he has enslaved mutant and humankind, and with the new film taking place in the eighties, could we see that occur again? And might time travel come into the picture once again, leaving this continuity forever fluid?

Given that these films are soon to be clashing against the continuity of the older pictures, the school does eventually need to become a major element in this universe, and the guess is that X-Men: Apocalypse deals plenty with Xavier's recruitment of mutants. The question is, which mutants are those? Bryan Singer has spoken about Gambit and Nightcrawler showing up in the next one, though Nightcrawler's presence would very much undo what occurs in X2: X-Men United. And we'll certainly be seeing Quicksilver again. From a brief moment shown in , we know that Banshee and Angel Salvadore are dead. An earlier draft of the Days of Future Past script suggested that Havok actually dies, though that scene may or may not have been filmed. For now, he lives. Might he reunite with a younger version of his brother Cyclops?

Whomever suits up could end up facing off against Apocalypse, the X-Men's most powerful villain. One of the ongoing motifs in the comics was Apocalypse enslaving certain characters and turning them into one of his Four Horsemen (who are briefly glimpsed in the post-credits sequence). Surely a big hook of the film will involve up to four of Xavier's students at least temporarily turned into Horsemen, most notably Wolverine. Perhaps they can try another version of Angel separate from the one Ben Foster played in X-Men: The Last Stand, shifting him into the visually-arresting Archangel.

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