Option 2: Let's Get To The Villains Already
While the next two Spidey films have release dates, The Sinister Six and Venom do not. But rumors circulated that Sinister Six would possibly head into production this January, making the film a contender for the 2016 release slate. Would it come before or after The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Why doesn't it just replace that film?

With the diminishing returns, bringing the wall-crawler back with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 isn't going to result in any added enthusiasm from audiences unless you ante up. In this universe, there are only a couple of ways to do that, and one of them involves multiple villains. We've seen Spider-Man fight a bunch of bad guys, but has he fought them at once? The question of whether Spider-Man would actually show up in The Sinister Six has been a major one, but with Andrew Garfield talking about stepping down, the time to pit his Spidey against this team of villains is now.

Of course, Sinister Six already has a director, Drew Goddard. And Amazing Spider-Man 3 has a director, and it's Marc Webb, right? Right...? Webb's position with this franchise is tenuous, given that he just directed two of the lowest grossing Spidey films thus far. If you ask every studio in the industry whether they'd like to have the next Webb movie or the next Goddard directorial effort, they'd ask for the latter ten times out of ten. In interviews, Webb has seemed very much out of the loop regarding a film that has a release date only two years away, telling us, "I think [Amazing Spider-Man 3] will come next. Yeah. We're not 100% sure of exactly that situation, but ... I don't even know what the slated dates are, but I'm assuming Spider-Man 3 is next."

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has several teases for the Sinister Six, to the point where we've got to see them now or it's just going to seem cruel. But to thrust them into their own movie independent of Spidey seems premature. After all, they would be led by Dane DeHaan's Green Goblin, the second, less-popular incarnation of a beloved character who had to wrestle for screen time in the latest film with both the core Peter-Gwen romance and the emergence of Electro. He and his hypothetical band of baddies are supporting players right now, not lead characters, and shoving one variation of the Sinister Six in the next Spidey means you can always use another, improved Sinister Six later with different characters: Spider-Man has the deepest villain bench outside of Batman.

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