Although Mark Strong (wonderfully) played Sinestro in the 2011 Green Lantern film, his primary role was being Hal Jordan’s mentor. The only hint of him becoming a villain was when he put on the yellow ring in the mid-credits scene, and we’ll never see the payoff from that. With Green Lantern Corps coming in 2020, there’s no villain better to kick off this rebooted franchise than the mustachioed, pink-skinned alien. To give him his due, don’t show his fall from grace. Establish him as a dishonorably discharged Green Lantern who wants to establish control of the universe using fear. If this were another Green Lantern movie featuring only one main ring slinger, then Sinestro would suffice by himself. However, with multiple Green Lanterns as the focus in the reboot, this would be the best time to introduce the Sinestro Corps, his army of yellow ring-wearing fear mongers.

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