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It surprised some fans when, earlier this week, it was suggested Hugh Jackman's Wolverine could appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, logging his eighth opportunity to play the mutant hero within a sixteen year span. That's an incredible run, but worrying, since you'd like to think Jackman and company's energy was instead focusing on that third Wolverine solo film, which apparently will be Jackman's last go-round as the hero.

Frankly, it reeks of desperation, given that you really don't need to cram Wolverine into everything. Trust me, that desire hit Marvel Comics in the 90's, and it was so bad you can't even go back and enjoy reading 90's comics ironically. But whatever the case, Fox is going to thrive on Jackman as Wolverine seemingly forever, so why not use him to boost other Fox franchises? And so we ask, which other Fox franchises deserve a little bit of Wolverine themselves?

The Premise: When young Kim Mills goes out to the mall with her friend Jubilation Lee, neither of them expected to be hunted down by Sentinels. Now, Kim's father Bryan Mills realizes his special set of skills isn't enough, and he has to seek out a mutant who is the best there is at what he does, though what he does isn't very nice. Together, they visit Madripoor, where the two of them proceed to murder each and every single local until they find the girls.

A post-credits sequence is dedicated to the "good people" of Madripoor for "providing the inspiration to keep going within all of us" and "surviving through your civil war."
Die Hard
The Premise: Having alienated his ex-wife, his daughter and recently his own son, John McClane checks himself into an anger management class. But perhaps it wasn't the best idea to have him work on his anger issues with a strange hairy Canadian with a penchant for berserker rages. An unlikely friendship begins, only to be interrupted when the two find out their anger management counselor has kidnapped McClane's secret third child, and has escaped to a private island where he monitors illegal shipments of adamantium to terrorists.

A post-credits sequence reveals Mister Sinister standing over an operating table, rebuilding the long-thought-dead Simon Gruber.
The Premise: Jake Sully has successfully integrated into the world of the Na'vi after the defeat of the American military. But instead of a "shock and awe" campaign, Earth's next threat against Pandora takes the more covert form of a brainwashed mutant assassin named Logan. Fortunately, a brawl near the Hometree heals the memories that were ruptured by an adamantium bullet fired by grieving twin brother Col. Doug Quaritch, and he leads the people against their Earth oppressors.

A post-credits sequence reveals that Magneto's Asteroid M currently orbits Pandora.
The Premise: A new beast has begun hunting mutants during the Age Of Apocalypse, and only a grizzled, eyepatch-wearing Logan can hunt this ugly mother down. While he recruits a team of badasses that include Sabretooth, Maverick, Deadpool and Squirrel Girl to head into the jungles to stop this villain, in the end it's only one-on-one.

A post-credits sequence reveals that the whole damned thing was another really convoluted prequel to Alien, and that xenomorphs evolved from Deadpool's frequent fornication with indigenous animals.
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
The Premise: Young Greg has to deal with the pressures of high school, girls, and camping when he realizes brother Rodrick is beginning to change. A mysterious man in a tight t-shirt informs him that Rodrick is really his own long-lost son, Daken. This man then kidnaps Greg and Rodrick and takes them on a road trip to a theme park, where Rodrick has to deal with a second stage of puberty while Greg tries to win the girl of his dreams while also collecting a set of Twisted Wizard 2 cards that can supposedly unlock a doorway to the fabulous tropical isle of Genosha.

A post-credits sequence reveals that Rowley now controls the Phoenix Force, which leads to him creating the 2nd Cheese Touch Apocalypse.
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