I'm just going to go ahead and call it as I see it: the Interstellar trailer is the best of the year. Some are going to try to tell you that I'm wrong and that Guardians Of The Galaxy did it better, or that Transformers: Age Of Extinction had way more involved in its trailer than the latest peek into Christopher Nolan's mind ever has. Well I'm going to defiantly stand my ground and say that this is most likely going to be the best trailer we'll lay eyes on in this calendar year.

True to form, Nolan has given us a trailer that reveals just enough pieces of the story to start putting together what we should expect come November. But what are we really learning from the awe-inspiring visuals and the emotional beats that are laid here before us? Is there anything we're not being told outright that can be gleamed from the visuals in front of us?

Here are five things I noticed while watching this trailer on repeat for a good stretch of the afternoon.

Dust Storm
Climate Change Is The Crisis At Hand
Previously, Interstellar was speculated to be a film about climate change ruining our agricultural infrastructure, spurring us on to venture into the stars. This suspicion was confirmed simply in the utterance of a line: "We ran out of food." Subsequent shots of crops on fire and massive dust storms show a second dust bowl ravaging the heartland of America. Though the sighting of an Indian surveillance drone, as well as the undertaking of such a momentous mission into space, suggest that the problem is more global, with other areas of the world keeping tabs on how everyone else is handling the situation.

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