Over the past several weeks, Marvel has been releasing teaser images of past storylines it will be revisiting in summer 2015, from Civil War to Planet Hulk to House of M. The comic book company hasn’t said why they’re doing this, although it may have to do with the universe-shattering events of their Secret Wars story. At this point, it’s probably simpler for fans to ask which Marvel story won’t be revisited next year.

The latest event to be drawn into the fold is The Infinity Gauntlet, the 1991 miniseries that featured Thanos fighting the Marvel heroes with all six Infinity Gems attached to the Gauntlet. Like the other updated covers, this Infinity Gauntlet teaser, revealed by Comicbook.com, features some anachronisms that weren’t present in the original story, most notably with the addition of Star-Lord and different members of the Nova Corps. These days, movies tend to influence the comic books more often rather than vice-versa, but with the Marvel Cinematic Universe slowly building towards a battle with the Mad Titan, it’s possible that the movies may be inspired by future storylines. Here are several ways that The Infinity Gauntlet, both old and new, can tell us about the direction the MCU might be taking.

Thanos And The Stones
Thanos And The Stones
Since Thanos cameoed at the end of The Avengers, fans have been anticipating a gigantic showdown between him and the MCU heroes. Three of the Infinity Stones (as they’re known in the movies) have already been shown, and the rest will be introduced in the coming years. Thanos is already powerful by himself, but once he gets those stones, he’ll be invincible. It was only because he was overconfident that the heroes were able to defeat him in the miniseries. See, even powerful alien overlords can fall prey to hubris.

The common assumption is that Thanos will collect all the Stones in the MCU, but maybe he won’t seize them all at once. In the teaser image, he only has the Reality Gem and Mind Gem attached to the Gauntlet. Perhaps in the Phase 3 movies (and even Phase 4), after-credits scenes will show Thanos collecting the Infinity Stone directly connected with each movie. By the time he tussles with the MCU heroes, whether that’s in Avengers 3 or a separate movie, he’ll have all but one of the Stones, and when he retrieves the last one early on in the story, that’s when the mayhem really kicks off.

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