Between Batman’s horrifying nightmare and Lex Luthor ramblings in prison, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made something extremely clear: Darkseid is coming. The Lord of Apokolips has been one of DC’s biggest villains for decades, and he’ll soon be getting his due on the big screen fighting the the Justice League. It remains to be seen whether he’ll appear next year in Justice: League: Part One or be saved for 2019’s Justice League: Part Two, but rest assured, he’ll be giving the superhero team all kinds of trouble, and he won’t do it alone.

No, he won’t just have those pesky Parademons swarming across Earth. Darkseid is a warlord, and warlords have to delegate tasks to others in their military. So whenever he comes to enslave our planet, you can bet several of his supporting cast from the comics will be helping him, be it on Earth or back on Apokolips. These are the top six folks we’re especially keen to see in live action.

Warning: there will be spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead!

Desaad isn’t someone you’ll see on the front lines, but he’s proved himself as one of Darkseid’s most trusted underlings. Corrupted by Darkseid at a young age, Mesaad is one of the universe’s most notorious sadists, which is why he’s often called upon to torture his master’s captured enemies. He also keeps an eye on Apokolips’ workings to make sure everything is running smoothly while the big man is indisposed.

Although Desaad has a number of special abilities that make him more powerful than most in the universe, it’s doubtful he will be seen on Earth whenever Darkseid invades given how much he likes working behind the scenes. However, if one of the Justice Leaguers is captured and brought back to Apokolips, you can bet that Desaad will be the one trying to get information out of them, experiment on them or just cause them indescribable pain for the hell of it. Either of the three work for him. Once said hero escapes, then he’ll be forced to fight them directly, but he won’t be easy to take down.

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