Marvel and DC are getting a lot of attention nowadays by expanding their cinematic universes, but let’s not forget that 20th Century Fox is still blazing ahead with their own superhero properties. Deadpool opened to critical acclaim over two weeks ago, X-Men: Apocalypse is being released late May, and Wolverine 3 is coming our way in March 2017. Whatever your feelings on Fox’s Marvel movies are, they’ve been staples in the genre for over 16 years, and that’s not going to chang in the coming years.

It was reported over the weekend that Fox has secured two dates for still-to-be-identified superhero movies: October 6, 2017 and January 12, 2018. Taking into account all of the Fox Marvel movies that have been officially announced or reported as in development, we’ve gathered a list of the suspects that that are most likely to take these slots. Admittedly, most of these revolve around the giant library of X-Men characters at their disposal, but with the franchise experiencing a resurgence, now is the time for the studio to plow ahead with more adventures in that universe.

At the same time that these release date announcements were made, it was also revealed that Gambit had vacated its October 7, 2016 spot. This wasn't surprising since the delays with finding a new director and securing Channing Tatum made it impossible for them to begin filming as originally planned. However, that October 6, 2017 spot makes perfect sense for the Ragin’ Cajun’s first solo adventure. The movie already has a script and its two leads in place. Producer Simon Kinberg said last November that he hoped principal photography would begin in the spring, and while that’s unlikely to happen now, Gambit could shoot in the summer or fall and still be ready in time for late 2017. Remember, like Deadpool, Gambit will be a smaller-scale superhero movie, so they won’t need as much time in post-production to work on the VFX. 2016 didn’t work out for the card-throwing mutant, but 2017 would be the best opportunity for him to finally prove himself to moviegoing audiences.

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