After nearly two years of waiting, Captain America: Civil War is finally hitting theaters on May 6…well, sooner for the folks who get to score an early screening. Regardless, this movie is not only kicking off Phase Three, but will definitely be one of Marvel’s most important movies when it comes to shifting the status quo. Nearly every big screen Marvel hero is participating, and when you throw in a few new players, the ensuing conflict is going to be huge. Most of the protagonists have gotten a decent amount of coverage in reports and previews, but there are still a few characters who remain a mystery.

It’d be extremely difficult to give every major character a good amount attention in marketing, but there are quite a few players in Captain America: Civil War who haven’t been elaborated upon over the past year, even they did happen to appear in certain previews. Here are the folks who have had little to no information released about them and the questions we have about their involvement.

Everett Ross
Everett Ross
Martin Freeman is making his MCU debut in Captain America: Civil War as Everett Ross, an agent for the Joint Counter Terrorism Center. He was briefly glimpsed in the first trailer and a promotional photo at a facility in Germany with Sharon Carter, but that’s the extent of his appearances so far. Obviously since he works for the government, he’ll be enforcing the new superhero legislation, but we don’t know yet whether he truly sides with Team Iron Man or Team Captain America. Since Everett is an ally to Black Panther in the comics, we can reasonably assume he’s not working with the bad guys, but still, it’d be nice to know how he’s involved. It’s also heavily hinted that he’ll appear in the Black Panther movie, so even if we don’t get many answers about him here, they’re forthcoming.

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