father and son
Ralphie Parker And The Old Man From A Christmas Story
Whether battling furnaces, the Bumpuses or his own wife over the most inappropriately sexual lamp within a one hundred mile radius of Chicago, the Old Man isn't always the most invested in his son's life, but his rampant grumpiness and willingess to do whatever the hell he wants actually helps his boy on numerous occasions. After Ralphie battles it out with the town bully, the Old Man doesn't punish him because he'd rather talk about the Bears. When his poor son is forced to wear the pink nightmare Christmas costume Aunt Clara made, the Old Man quickly puts a halt to the proceedings. Most importantly, after everyone else refuses to get Ralphie a Red Ryder BB Gun, he steps up and gives our hero a weapon because children and weapons are always a good combination. The Old Man isn't the type of father who'll dish out unwarranted hugs or offer praise for coming in second, but he is the type to always show up for his kid, even if it's to mutter swear words under his breath from the back row.

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