Over the course of the last eight years, Marvel Studios has brought an entire stable of awesome characters to the silver screen. From superheroes, to sidekicks, to villains, each movie in the franchise seems to add at least one new face that we instantly fall in love with. With Phase 3 now upon us, we highly doubt that phenomenon will end anytime soon.

However, the size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can also represent one of its biggest weaknesses. Some genuinely engaging characters have come and gone throughout the course of the universe’s existence, and not all of them received proper closure. We’ve compiled a list of nine forgotten MCU characters that we really want to check in on at some point in the very near future. Now let’s get started with a woman we haven’t seen or heard from since 2008…

Betty Ross
Remember back in 2008 when the Marvel Cinematic Universe hadn’t quite found its footing, and Bruce Banner look suspiciously like the guy from Fight Club? The inclusion of Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America: Civil War means that Marvel can no longer ignore the fact that The Incredible Hulk very much exists within this continuity, which means that Bruce Banner’s one true love, Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross, also exists. Instead of another forced romance with Black Widow, we want to see Marvel acknowledge this fundamentally important character to Hulk’s lore and, even if they don’t get back together, at least show us what she’s been up to since Bruce mailed her the necklace he recovered from a pawn shop.

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