AMC Offers Marvel Movie Marathon Leading Up To The Avengers

The Avengers assemble in The Avengers
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

AMC may have gotten some bad press recently over their ludicrously high-priced snacks, but they're striking back with a superhero-stuffed deal that's sure to make fan boys and girls geek out. In celebration of Joss Whedon's impending superpowered-ensemble The Avengers, AMC is offering The Ultimate Marvel Marathon on Thursday, May 3rd. AMC locations across America will kick off this event at 11:30 AM with Iron Man, then exhibit in succession The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 in 2D, Thor and Captain America in 3D, and finally—premiering at midnight--The Avengers in 3D. While some comic book fans may not be willing to take a day off work to revel in all things Marvel, those that do will get all 6 adventures on the big screen along with a pair of 3D glasses with Avengers themed colors that retail for $10. Plus, AMC Stubs members will get a $5 Bonus Bucks card, presumably for use at the concession stand.

Tickets for this special limited engagement are on sale now for many major AMC markets including Boston, New York City, and several California venues. But fear not small town America, as more participating theaters will be unveiled on March 16th, along with tickets for those theaters. [ Check here for more details.]

Flat out, this looks like a wildly fun cinematic experience. In years past, I've gone to AMC's Oscar-related marathon's where they screen Best Picture nominees back to back for a thrifty ticket price, and it's not only a great deal but also a great viewing environment. In my experience, events like this draw true fans, eager to collectively wallow in their nerdiest passion—be it prestige pics or superhero flicks. So if you're an admirer of Marvel or just superhero movies in general, I anticipate The Ultimate Marvel Marathon will be well worth the cost of admission. It does sound pretty epic. But a word of advice: sneak in your own snacks.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.