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There are some movie scenes that are simply so disturbing, they're burned into our memories. For me, the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs is high on the list. Maybe I'm just an old softy, but I always feel bad to the point of physically uncomfortable watching that poor guy strapped in the chair while Mr. Blonde messes with him. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has used this cringe-inducing scene as part of their campaign to discourage talking and cell phone usage during movies.

While I feel less sympathy toward movie-theater-texters than I do for cops stuck in the middle with Mr. Blonde, I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone. But that's what the Alamo Drafthouse offers as a repercussion for texting in their theater in this amusing public service announcement, featuring none other than Vic Vega himself, Michael Madsen.

It's probably wrong that I feel a strange combination of terrified and charmed by the smile Madsen gives us behind that lighter.

For those who appreciated Madsen's participation in this campaign to stop annoying texters from lighting up theaters with their cell phones, check out this video, which the establishment shared last year and features Patton Oswalt getting thrown out of the theater. And then there's the one that features an angry woman's voicemail left after she was ejected from the theater for texting. The message is clear, but it sure is amusing seeing Alamo Drafthouse repeat it for our entertainment every once in a while.