Alexandria Daddario Is Joining Kate Upton In Road Trip Sex Comedy, The Layover

With credits that spell out a career just waiting for a break out hit, Alexandra Daddario has two projects that have a good chance of helping her make the jump. The first is this summer's disaster picture San Andreas, in which she plays Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's daughter and gets caught in a bit of a jam involving a gigantic earthquake. That alone could give her the boost she needs to become a big star, should the part be written well enough. However, it's the second role that seems to be the ace in the hole, as she's joining Kate Upton for a bit of a road trip in the new comedy The Layover.

Variety reports that Daddario, fresh off of a supporting turn in HBO's hit drama True Detective, has joined Upton in the story of, " a pair of lifelong best friends who decide to avoid their problems by taking a vacation." Of course, a hurricane warning comes along and forces the ladies to drive to their ultimate destination, and seeing as the trades have described this film as a "sex comedy," there's more than a chance that some misadventures are going to be peppered along their journey.

The duo seem to have their work cut out for them, considering Kate Upton had a role in the rather successful comedy, The Other Woman, and Alexandra Daddario has a lot of TV comedy experience – part of which is from an episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Not only is that a prime gig to land if you want to prove you can make people laugh, but it's also a good entry to have on your resume when your film is written by a pair of writers who have collaborated on said gig.

The only downside that stands in the way of The Layover's potential success is the fact that three films come to mind reading its plot: Sex Drive, Forces Of Nature, and The Sweetest Thing. Elements of all three films are present in this film’s plot summery, but all three films managed to fade into the background rather quickly – something that neither actress will want to happen if they want this to be the launching pad for their continued success.

Still, with two solid leads in Daddario and Upton, The Layover just needs to find a colorful cast of characters for them to play off of effectively. Enter the William H. Macy, who is not only is directing this little comedic romp, but also co-starring in some capacity with two of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. While this might lead some to think that bestowing him with the honor of "Cinema's Number One Loser" is a little premature, we're sure he'll find a fun way to keep the crown – at least, he will in front of the camera.

There is no production schedule or released date in play for The Layover, but we wouldn't be surprised if the film changes its title before it gets going. Otherwise, some folks might be inclined to think Anthony Bourdain has a cameo of some sort.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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