Alyson Hannigan Confirmed For American Reunion

Of all the American Pie alumni, Alyson Hannigan is easily the most successful - though I suppose it's not that hard when your cohorts include Jason Biggs, Tara Reid, Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Thomas Ian Nicholas, etc. Part of the incredibly successful sitcom How I Met Your Mother and still swimming in geek praise after all of her years on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she is the one member of the cast who would probably benefit least from a fourth American Pie movie, but one can't deny the power of nostalgia.

Deadline reports that Hannigan has officially signed on American Reunion, which will bring the cast back together for the first time since 2003's American Wedding. But while Hannigan may have missed playing the part of band geek Michelle, apparently she's quite familiar with the rules of supply and demand and, as the site puts it, "leverage[d] for a nice piece of the pie." The report says that the story revolves around her character's marriage and family with Biggs' character, Jim. The film will shoot while How I Met Your Mother is on break.

The more I hear about this sequel, the more I get a really bad Little Fockers vibe. It seems as though the people behind this seem to think that these are characters that we've grown up with, but I'm not sure anyone sees the original three films as more than a collection of sex and toilet jokes. Why do I care if Jim and Michelle have a kid? It was boring enough when they were getting married. At the very least let's hope there's a heavy focus on the other characters.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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