It's been a long time coming, but we finally have a look at Lovelace in action. The film first drew buzz back in 2010, when documentarians-turned-helmers of Howl Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman signed on to direct. With a rival production called Inferno slated to star celebrated actress turned celebrity trainwreck Lindsay Lohan, Epstein and Friedman picked Amanda Seyfried to front their biopic. While Inferno recast before burning out, Lovelace's impressive ensemble of stars just grew and grew.

Much of its noteworthy ensemble can be spotted in the trailer up top, courtesy of Access Hollywood. Seyfried plays Linda Lovelace. Peter Sarsgaard plays her controlling beau Chuck Traynor. Sharon Stone and Robert Patrick are Linda's scornful parents. Chloë Sevigny took on the role of a reporter called Rebecca. Debi Mazar and Adam Brody portray her Deep Throat co-stars, Dolly Sharp and Harry Reems. Hank Azaria in a cringe-inducing hairpiece and goatee combo plays Deep Throat director Gerard Damiano. Chris Noth and Bobby Cannavale can be spotted as the porn's financiers Anthony Romano and Butchie Peraino. Last but not least, James Franco makes a brief appearance as the one and only Hugh Hefner. But if the promise of these celebs in the thick mustaches and gawdy clothes of the '70s wasn't enough to entice you, how about some true story heartbreak?

In 2005, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato made Inside Deep Throat, a compelling documentary about the creation of Deep Throat and its impact. The X-rated movie overrode pop culture and brought on a firestorm of controversy. For some the film was an inspiration to release their shame and embrace the sexual freedom they saw therein. For others it was vile porn that would corrupt contemporary culture forever. Their doc took on the polarizing film and gave a great insight into its cultural significance. However, it sort of side-stepped the story of its biggest star.

Before she was a porn icon, Linda Lovelace was Linda Boreman, a small town girl who had dreams of getting out. Enter her charismatic bad boy beau Chuck Traynor, who aims to exploit her special sexual skills for his personal gain. She went down, and then rose to stardom as the poster girl of '70s sexual liberation. But while she seemed to enjoy the ascent, she was in no way ready for all the criticism and scorn that came with it. Later, she became an outspoken advocate against porn, and claimed her performance in Deep Throat was coerced by an abusive boyfriend, and therefore tantamount to rape.

It's easy to see how a biopic could be made from that kind of harrowing story. What will be interesting to see is how Epstein and Friedman interpret these facts to create a character portrait. Was she strong woman who made her choices, then sought excuses to deny them? Or was she a weak-willed girl who was first exploited by boyfriend, and later by the anti-porn advocates who called her a victim? Or was the truth somewhere in between? We'll see what Epstein and Friedman think when Lovelace comes to theaters in a limited release on August 9th.

You can also check out the film's new teaser poster below.

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