Have you been analyzing every frame of early Amazing Spider-Man trailers to get a better sense of the rebooted origin story Marc Webb has coming to theaters in July? Then today’s your lucky day. A new Japanese clip gives fans a few new images, and longer cuts of familiar scenes, so you can dig in to your heart’s content. We have it for you below:

“We all have secrets,” says Peter Parker, played in the new Spider-Man by The Social Network star Andrew Garfield. “The ones we keep, and the ones that are kept from us.” And it sounds like Parker will contend with both in this version, as he not only protects his secret identity from loved ones but also works to solve the riddle of what happened to his late parents, Mary and Richard Parker. That angle is what Webb hopes will set his Spidey apart from Sam Raimi’s trilogy. We’ll know soon enough whether that works or not.

But there’s another twist, as when Rhys Ifans, playing doomed scientist Curt Connors, claims, “Thanks to you, Peter, everything changed.” It looks like, in this story, Parker will be directly responsible for the birth of his nemesis, The Lizard. It harkens back to Peter’s unwillingness to stop the robber that eventually kills his Uncle Ben. And you know what they say about great power. It comes with great responsibility.

Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man reaches theaters on July 3, and will be presented in 2D and 3D.

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