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The Amazing Spider-Man's The Lizard Revealed In Concept Art

Did you enjoy yesterday's glimpse of The Amazing Spider-Man's villain The Lizard, but wish it dispensed a little less candy out of its mouth? Well aren't you in luck. The Russian site has gotten their hands on what appears to be more concept art of The Lizard, matching up pretty well with both yesterday's PEZ dispenser design and what people reported seeing in the film's Comic Con footage. Take a look at the image below:

Again, the usual caveat-- this is just concept art, for one thing, and we also have no idea how much this is even legitimate, so do not panic or get overly excited or do anything else while assuming this is what Rhys Ifans will look like in the film. But there does seem to be reason to believe this is at least close to legit, since it's similar to everything else we've been seeing and hearing. So Spidey hardcore fans, let us know-- as the evidence mounts that this is what The Lizard looks like, what do you think? Will it look slightly less insane when grappling against Andrew Garfield in the Spidey suit, or just the right amount of insane to look great? Chime in with some comments and let's hope Sony finally releases some kind of official reveal of the character so we can really know what we're working with.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend