After years of being an avid horror-movie fan and loyal Sundance attendee, Guns 'n Roses guitarist Slash decided to take his appreciation to a proactive level, by co-founding Slasher Films, a production company dedicated to re-invigorating the often maligned genre with smart and sometimes celebrity-studded fare. Soon moviegoers will get a chance to see what Slash thinks makes for good horror as Anchor Bay Films has just picked up Slasher Film's first feature, Nothing to Fear.

Inspired by the urban legends of Stull, Kansas, a town long-rumored to be one of seven gateways to Hell, Nothing to Fear centers on an average family that is seeking a simpler life in a small town when they cross the path of a charming yet ominous "man of the cloth," which may be played by Oscar-nominee Thomas Haden Church. The feature will mark the directorial debut of Anthony Leonardi III, a storyboard artist and creature creator who has worked on such visually striking films as Constantine and Rango. Speaking on Nothing to Fear, Slash, who is set to co-produce the movie's score, told Deadline:
“Anthony Leonardi’s vision of this story is exceptionally unnerving and dark. It will keep you totally engaged from the first second of the film to the last. It’s guaranteed to scare the hell out of you.”

There's no word yet on when Nothing to Fear will hit theaters, but with such an assurance from Slash, I bet many horror fans will be eagerly awaiting its release date.

Slasher Films' next slated offering will be another horror feature titled Theorem, co-written by Predators scribe Michael Finch and Splice writer-director Vincenzo Natali. According to Bloody Disgusting, this is a tale of science gone awry wherein a college professor who is investigating an ancient artifact unintentionally uncovers an equation for pure evil. Theorem is currently in development.

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