Anchorman 2 Returning To Theaters With An R-Rating, 763 New Jokes

In the long history of comedy sequels, there’s a very good chance that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues may have been the best. Sure, it’s a little sloppy around the edges, and many of the jokes don’t land too hard: you were cackling in the theaters during that avalanche of cameos at the end, but is that gonna be funny on DVD in four years? But in regards to a sequel nine years later to a beloved comedy classic, they had a good balance of callbacks and newer jokes.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one, though. Are you ready for newer new jokes?

On February 28th, Anchorman 2 returns to theaters. But it’s going to look a lot thicker, dirtier and longer. This special R-rated cut, previously hinted at, is twenty minutes longer than the original and features what Adam McKay and company claim is 763 new jokes. That’s close to five and a half new jokes per minute. Seems like a sweet deal! And they’ll be R-rated, so they’ll be dirty jokes! You’ll be able to catch this in theaters on February 28th, but only for one week, a rare deal that might not jibe with your schedule, but hey, when in Rome.

Ron Burgundy and company did something like this for the first film, assembling excised footage and gags to create Wake Up, Ron Burgundy. That ended up being a full length feature sold with the DVD only at Best Buy, though soon there was a two disc set available to all audiences. While the seams showed, and many of the jokes were inferior to the ones that made the final cut, Wake Up Ron Burgundy contained entire deleted plotlines and performances, and still found several laughs within the lives of San Diego’s top news team.

The trailer seems to suggest we’ll be getting ten more unforgettable lines of dialogue, and to confirm that, we have a clip below, courtesy of And, not to put too fine a point on it, but Ron and company are literally hitting the crack pipe a bit too hard. Remember kids, drugs are badawesome. Catch the dirty dirty on February 28th, the return of Anchorman 2.