There's still a big part of me that doesn't quite believe Anchorman 2 is happening, because after so many years of delays and false starts, it really just seems too good to be true. But with a teaser trailer confirmed to run in front of The Dictator starting today, and production presumably starting soon, it seems safe to once again believe in the power of the Channel 4 news team and Sex Panther cologne.

And now here's one more bit of proof-- a teaser poster, unearthed by Empire Online. It's just a teaser, sure, but take a look below and tell us if you're not excited.

Going with the order of importance to the news team, we can assume those are Ron's shiny black shoes up front, and then maybe the cowboy-hat-wearing Champ Kind next to him. So that leaves Brian Fantana and Brick Tamland bringing up the rear… with apparently only one leg apiece? I'm dying to hear about the bear accident that left Brick with an amputated leg, and how Brian's poor attempts to woo the next female staffer somehow resulted in him losing his. Then again, there could be an entirely different story here-- or just the need to fit all the legs into the poster.

You're free to speculate what else this means, aside from the potentially final title of Anchorman: The Legend Continues. I'm not really sure how much there is to read into it, but maybe once we get a look at the teaser running in front of The Dictator, the pieces will all fall into place. Let us know in the comments if you catch that teaser, and what you're hoping to see in Anchorman 2!

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