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Anna Faris Says She'd Do Scary Movie 5

Whether or not the world needs another Scary Movie film is probably debatable, but should the spoof-series return for a fifth installment, it’s likely that they’d want to bring Anna Faris back to reprise her role as Cindy, the ditzy girl often caught up in a mess of trouble.

?Directed and written by the Wayans brothers, the franchise delivered laughs by making fun of classic and popular scary movies, like the Scream trilogy, and The Grudge. Faris made a name for herself representing many a female victim from horror films past as Cindy (sounds like Sydney!) in all four of the previous Scary Movies, the first of which released over a decade ago. The fifth installment, which has been rumored to be in the works for quite some time, is vaguely listed as “in development”, so there’s no confirmation that the movie is even happening at this point, however, according to what Faris told Digital Spy, she’d be willing to return to the role as Cindy, should she receive an offer. She hasn’t yet and from the way she reacts to the question, she seems unsure the film is going to happen. She did say, “I got such an education making those movies. I love playing Cindy. She’s so dumb...”

You can watch the rest of her response in Digital Spy’s video below.

Considering Faris has since moved on from the franchise to do other films, including the recently released What’s Your Number?, it’d be understandable if she were ready to put her Cindy days behind her. Sure, they could cast another girl to play a Cindy-type, but interest would probably be greater if Faris returned to the role, or at the very least, appeared in the film at some point, perhaps to pass the torch to another female with the ability to scream, run and make viewers laugh.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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