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The Ant-Man joke was very clever at first. Then it downgraded to, "OK, cute, but…" And now we have the Ant-Man poster, which you have to squint to see it. Get it? Because he’s small.

Ant-Man Poster

This was posted to the Ant-Man Facebook page, and it’s part of a string of recent Ant-Man promotional materials, from a bug-sized clip reel to a normal, human-sized tease. All of this will culminate with a major Ant-Man trailer that’s expected to drop tonight during ABC’s Agent Carter (but hopefully, will arrive sooner than that).

The Ant-Man joke was funny. And it probably works better on people who weren’t already fired up for the upcoming solo Marvel feature. Then, there are the rest of us who have been tracking every stage of the movie’s development – from the removal of Edgar Wright as the planned director to the San Diego Comic-Con panel and the marketing materials that have followed. Those of us immersed in all things Ant-Man are starting to look at these cutesy promos and think:

We’d rather see footage. We’d rather find out how Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas are going to factor into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have been hearing hints that there will be scenes set in the past, connecting some fibers from, say, Captain America: The First Avenger to the contemporary Marvel films. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), Howard Stark (John Slattery) and more figures from Marvel’s past are expected to show up in Ant-Man. Will we also see them in the trailer? Will they all be inches tall? Can Marvel wring a few more laughs out of this pint-sized promotional campaign, or is it time to unleash the footage? Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that question.