Aquaman Shows Off His Body Art In Jason Momoa's Behind-The-Scenes Justice League Photo

As you’re reading this, Justice League: Part One is in the middle of principal photography. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced many of the main DC heroes into this cinematic universe, the first Justice League flick will show all of them joining forces for the first time. One of those heroes will be Aquaman, and behind the scenes, actor Jason Momoa is showing off the half-human/half-Atlantean’s body ink while speaking out on a current issue.

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In one of his recent Instagram posts, Momoa was rocking his Aquaman tattoos while holding a sign showing support for the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and speaking out against the proposed Dakota Access pipeline, complete with the hashtag #RezpectYourWater. As someone who’s playing a hero that protects the world’s oceans, a.k.a. 70% of the Earth, it’s cool to see that Momoa is also making sure to support water protection in the real world. However, from the DC side of things, those tattoos still look awesome. So did he take this photo in between scenes during shooting or after Justice League: Part One production was wrapped for the day?

Our first taste of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman came early last year when director Zack Snyder tweeted out a photo of the actor in-character, complete with trident. Although his appearance bore some resemblance to Aquaman’s look in the ‘90s (sans hook hand), the tattoos and intense stare made it clear that the DCEU was intent on giving moviegoers a more badass version of the hero, no doubt to build on work done in recent years to improve his reputation from years of mockery.

Audiences finally got to see Aquaman in action, albeit briefly, during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice via a video on Lex Luthor’s metahuman files. The footage showed an remote-controlled camera finding Aquaman somewhere in the ocean’s depths. Not pleased to be discovered, he stabbed the camera with his trident, and another camera farther away captured him swimming away at super sonic speed. Next year, Aquaman work with Batman and the other metahumans in Justice League: Part One to defeat the still-unidentified villain, though rumor has it he won’t get along with the Caped Crusader at first. Aquaman will then lead his own movie the following year set after the first Justice League movie rather than go back in time to tell his origin story.

We’ll see Aquaman’s full introduction when Justice League: Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017, and Aquaman will follow on July 27, 2018. Both movies will also feature Amber Heard as the future Atlantean queen, Mera.

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