If you happen to live under a rock and missed the fact that Ben Affleck directed a movie about the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and more specifically, six Americans working to escape with the help of the U.S. government and some old school ingenuity, it’s alright—we aren’t judging you too harshly. The bright news is that the flick, Argo, has its Blu-ray and DVD release just around the corner. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will bring Argo to Blu-ray and DVD on February 19, 2012.

Argo stars Affleck as a CIA operative who poses as a sci fi movie producer looking for a desert location to shoot a film. Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman also star in the flick, which takes a serious tone throughout, but also hits plenty of much-needed comedic notes. Argo, fuck yourself! Had to.

There are usually not a ton of good reasons to opt for Blu-ray copies over DVD sets for a story like the one Argo tells, but if you can, go with the Blu-ray combo pack, which also includes a DVD copy, this time around. There is so much historical truth to the tale and so many cool-sounding extras that the bonus features should be excellent time fillers. Unfortunately, if you opt for a DVD copy of the flick, you’ll only get one bonus feature, which really sucks if you like audio commentary or really want more of the behind-the-scenes information relevant to the film. It might all come down to cost--you can get a DVD copy for $28.98 or pay $35.99 for the superior picture and extras.

So, check out the full list of bonus features, below.

Argo Blu-ray Bonus Features
  • Feature Length Picture in Picture: Eye Witness Account
  • Audio Commentary with Director Ben Affleck
  • “Rescued from Tehran: We Were There”
  • Argo: Absolute Authenticity”
  • Argo: The CIA & Hollywood Connection”
  • “Escape From Iran: The Hollywood Option”
Argo DVD Bonus Features
  • Rescued from Tehran: We Were There

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