The Arnold Schwarzenegger “Rebirth Tour” is picking up steam. Aside from the Expendables cameo (and a beefed up role in the upcoming sequel), the former Governor has Jee-woon Kim’s The Last Stand and Mikael Håfström’s The Tomb (also with Sylvester Stallone). Now he’s tossing another action project onto the proverbial fire.

Schwarzenegger will team with Training Day scribe David Ayer for Ten, which was just acquired by Open Road for U.S. distribution, according to Deadline. The plot – which sounds like a riff on the classic 10 Little Indians story – finds a team of DEA agents who think they’ve gotten away with a stash of cartel drugs, only to have each member of the team bumped off one by one by a mysterious force. Skip Woods wrote the Ten script for Ayer to direct.

All of this sounds great, but we need to start seeing Schwarzenegger in a few of these roles before we whole-heartedly accept him as the Last Action Hero he once was. Having him bark “I’m back!” in an Expendables trailer is one thing. But can the 64-year-old former politician still carry an action thriller? Because he’s signing up for a number of them, and we still don’t know how credible he’s going to be in this new generation of The Raid and Sleepless Night.

Schwarzenegger will be up in Expendables 2 first. It hits on August 17. The Last Stand and The Tomb are down for 2013. By then we’ll know if we’re on the Schwarzenegger bandwagon … or if Ten is in trouble.

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