Aronofsky Thrilled By Psychology

Regardless of if you understood, liked or, at least, appreciated The Fountain, it's clear that director Darren Aronofsky is an American director that is worth championing, even when he falls short of himself. After floating in space, being a heroin addict and solving Pi, Aronofsky is all about psychological thrillers.

He's developing not one, but two -- one as a T.V. series hitting AMC and one directing one hitting the big screen. The T.V. series is called "Riverview Towers," and it follows a family who moves into an apartment with paranormal activity, while his film project Black Swan is a psychological thriller set in the world of ballet, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Monster director Patty Jenkins is a possible director for the Aronofsky-produced T.V. series, while the script is being written by John J. McLaughlin (Man of the House, who also penned Aronofsky's film project.

With Aronofsky immersing himself in the psychology of the thriller on both the big and small screens and AMC pumping out excellent melodramas like "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad," chances are good that at least one of the projects will be a success.