While the latest preview for The Avengers: Age of Ultron gave fans plenty of new, exciting material, as with most superhero movies trailers, there were also a ton of new questions raised to chew on. What exactly does Ultron have planned? Are we getting Black Widow flashbacks? Will Marvel show all of the Hulk vs. Hulkbuster fight in commercials before the movie is actually released? Is Hulk suffering from spring allergies? Okay, that last one might just be me. However, the most intriguing head scratcher comes at the 0:33 mark, where a mysterious woman is shown disrobing in a cave.

The Avengers 2 trailer

Fans have been speculating all over our social media pages and comment sections about who she might be, and if there's one thing comic book fans love, it's figuring out who someone is before the movie studio gives us a name. It’s possible that we won't know for sure who she is until the movie hits theaters in May, but we have a few guesses regarding her identity. Take a look at the prospective candidates!

5. Moondragon
5. Moondragon
In the comics, Moondragon - originally named Heather Douglas - was kidnapped by Thanos' forces and trained to be a living weapon. In addition to being a talented martial artist, she was able to tap into her psionic potential and become a powerful telepath. Like Gamora betraying Thanos, Moondragon eventually turned against Thanos' father, Mentor, and made it her mission to defeat the Mad Titan. Admittedly, we're mostly considering Moondragon because of the woman's bald head, and with all the new super powered people in the cast already, including a human who was raised by aliens that can kick ass and control minds might be overkill. One benefit of including Moondragon would be her giving us another degree of connection between Earth and the cosmic side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe beyond Thanos and the Infinity Stones, but it’s still a bit of a stretch.

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