We'll be writing a lot about the costume choices of movie fans in the coming week, as Halloween arrives and brings with it a lot of people-- adults and kids alike-- who want to dress up as their favorite characters from the big screen. But over at Fandango they've taken a poll of all the moviegoers likely to wear costumes this year, and come up with something that might not surprise you: The Avengers, as it turns out, are still going to be really popular this Halloween.

And if you're a man, superheroes are pretty much the only characters you're interested in dressing as this year. Thor topped the list of costumes for men from 2012 movies, followed closely by the rest of the Avengers lineup-- Iron Man, Captain America and Hulk, in that order (Hulk's costume requires a serious commitment to body paint, so I get the hesitation). Bringing up the rear was Batman, probably owing both to the complicated costume (oh, that tricky utility belt!) and the fact that The Dark Knight Rises was the less successful of the giant superhero outings this summer. But based on how many Banes I've seen at both New York and San Diego Comic Con, I'm surprised he didn't crack the top 5 here.

For women, it was another superhero character who topped the list, with Anne Hathaway's Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises the most popular choice- edging out Katniss from The Hunger Games, who I was sure would have been #1. Rounding out the top five are both Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron's characters from Snow White and the Huntsman, then The Avengers's Black Widow-- though given how warm that form-fitting black catsuit would be on Halloween night, she seems like a very practical option to me.

If you're planning to dress as any of these characters this Halloween, let us know in the comments, and stay tuned tomorrow for the kickoff of our new Halloween costume contest!

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