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There are a couple of women we could imagine playing the role of Billy Bob Thornton's mom, but the folks behind Bad Santa 2 have outdone themselves with the one they've chosen for the role. Get ready to hear Kathy Bates swear up a storm, as she's officially been named as his foul-mouthed matriarch.

The announcement was made earlier today, with Tony Cox and Brett Kelly also being reported as reprising their respective roles of Marcus and Thurman "The Kid" Merman, but no other information on the Mark Waters directed sequel was offered at this time. While the prospect of a Bad Santa sequel is something we're a little more than fearful about, this information from The Wrap actually eases our fears a little bit – mostly because a team-up with Bates and Thornton sounds absolutely delightful.

With Kathy Bates currently playing a mother of a different type on American Horror Story: Hotel, her maternal instincts have been given quite a workout in front of the camera as of late. And, of course, who could forget her infamous role as Adam Sandler's holy roller of an overprotective mother in The Waterboy, which to this day creeps into our subconscious during every football game we happen to watch. The below clip is included as evidence to this fact, as well as an effort to quell our newly awakened subconscious.

When we think back on all of the dark and twisted stuff that Billy Bob Thornton's Willie did in the original Bad Santa, we're starting to see exactly where he got that sort of behavior from in the first place. Even better, considering where the Terry Zwigoff film left off – with Marcus in jail and Thurman under the watchful eye of Lauren Graham's Sue – we're starting to wonder exactly where the plot to Bad Santa 2 will go, and where Kathy Bates' unnamed mother figure will fit into everything. Is Willie on the straight and narrow, in a relationship with Sue, and making peace with the mother who turned him into such a bad apple? Will Thurman somehow be the son that the two never had? Will Marcus be plotting revenge? There are so many questions to be answered with Bad Santa 2, that we're actually looking forward to seeing whether they're fulfilled or just left twisting in the wind.

Yet for all of the questions we have about Bad Santa 2, we still keep coming back to the matter of Kathy Bates signing on. Surely, with her Academy Award and recent revival through FX's basic cable hit, she could have any film she wants. So why in the world would she sign up for a sequel that, at best, no one really ever expected to fully get off the ground? Our guess is something in the material really clicked with her, as well as the fact that she'd be facing off against an actor of equal award winning / cable success story standing. If that's the case, then consider us officially signed up! If not, then let's hope that the trailer can at least hide this fact long enough for us to buy tickets.

Bad Santa 2 will start production next January, with a release date set for an unknown point in next year's slate.