Batman V Superman's Blu-Ray Release Date May Have Gotten Leaked

It would be an understatement to say that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice polarized audiences when it hit theaters on March 25. Some considered it a masterpiece, while others found some of the ideas present in the film to be a little undercooked. Luckily, the Ultimate Edition home release of the film aims to rectify that issue by providing audiences with the full version of the movie. We’ve been wondering when the Blu-Ray for Dawn of Justice would hit shelves, and now it seems that we will have to wait until mid-summer.


A new leak from Amazon Italy seems to indicate that the release date for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray has been announced. The Blu-Ray will hit shelves on July 15, and feature the original theatrical cut, as well as the longer 181-minute version of the film. The cover art for the film looks absolutely badass, featuring Wonder Woman in the center, flanked on both sides by Batman and Superman; this seems to indicate that Warner Bros. intends to double down on Dawn of Justice’s status as the entry point for the greater DCEU.


Many people have been looking forward to the home release of the film, because the added content of the longer version will likely inform much of the action that takes place during the film. Much like Zack Snyder’s previous work on Watchmen, some people felt that Dawn of Justice felt a bit chopped up and lacking in substance, so it seems increasingly probable that the added content of the longer version will end up representing the definitive version of the overall narrative.


Additionally, we also know that the home release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will feature a plethora of special features to keep us satisfied after the credits roll on the film. Check out the list of special features below:

Uniting The World's FinestGods And Men: A Meeting Of GiantsThe Warrior, The Myth, The WonderAccelerating Design: The New BatmobileAnalyzing A New Legacy Of Design: SupermanAnalyzing A New Legacy Of Design: BatmanAnalyzing A New Legacy Of Design: Wonder WomanAnalyzing A New Legacy Of Design: The BatcaveThe Might And The Power Of A PunchThe Empire Of LuthorSave The Bats

So now it looks as though we will be able to bring The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel home just in time for summer. We will bring you updates related to all DCEU projects as they become available to us. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be available for home release on July 15.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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