Batman V Superman May Do Even Better At The Box Office Than Originally Predicted

Everybody knows Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is going to be the big ticket attraction of this weekend. With initial estimates of $140 million for its Easter weekend opening, it's set to make a huge splash, and set some records in the process. However, those estimates have now been updated, and the clash of the DC titans looks to be opening closer to the tune of a more generous $160 million.

After some further number crunching, as well a look at some updated social media metrics, Deadline has reported a $20 million bump for the updated opening weekend picture.  Of course, part of this bump is undoubtedly fueled by the fan reactions that have poured onto the internet, as advanced screenings have taken place over the course of the last week. But a good portion of the more optimistic outlook for Zack Snyder's next big comic film can more than likely be chalked up to the hype machine revving into overdrive.

This is obviously good news to Warner Bros, who not only need a bonafide box office hit on their hands, but also hope that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will lead to a strong start for the already planned DC Cinematic Universe. With a lot riding on just one off-season superhero movie, the performance of this weekend's super-fight of the century is going to determine the fate of an entire series of films, as well as possibly Warner Bros itself. After all, if you spend almost $250 million to make a movie, you'd better damned well have more than a series of flashy trailers to show for it.

Good product or not, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice seems like it's destined to at the very least break even – though that's harder to confirm without the exact marketing figures on hand to add into the film's production budget. However, that opening $160 million figure is purely based on the domestic opening figures, as the worldwide picture looks to see the film opening to the tune of $350 million across the globe. Should the film hold true to those numbers, that not only covers the film's estimated budget, but also puts about $100 million towards promotional expenses and any other costs incurred in the film's production. 

On top of the potential financial solvency that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice may find itself a party to, it also looks to break the March opening weekend record handily. $160 million puts the DC Comics film at a slim margin over the previous record holder, which would be the $152.5 million figure brought in by 2012's The Hunger Games. So not only will the future Justice League make history, they'll bring home honor and glory for Warner Bros. in their hour of need – so long as these projections pan out. The pressure's on, and we'll only have to wait until tomorrow night's early showings to see if Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice starts to look like a flop or a hit.

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