Batman V Superman: Watch The Batmobile In Action In New Footage

One of the most highly anticipated movies of the new year is Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. While Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is still fresh in our memory, Zack Snyder is completely reinventing the character of Batman for the DC Extended Universe.

Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is shaping up to be a completely unique take on the caped crusader. In addition to acting separately, the Batman, as well as all of his gadgets, will also look different than previous incarnations. A new teaser for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was just released, and focuses on the Bat’s primary mode of transportation. That’s right, it’s Batmobile time. Check it out.

I mean, this is pretty epic. Although the spot is short in length, it gives us previously unseen footage of the Batmobile in action. And it doesn’t disappoint.

It looks like the upcoming Batmobile is basically the love child of The Dark Knight version and the more traditional comic book ones. Battfleck’s ride still does look like a military grade vehicle, like the tumbler that we’ve seen recently. But, as Zack Snyder already told us, this Batmobile was built specifically for the Batman. So, it features a lot more Bat symbols and specific gadgets for crime fighting. We can see the bat influence on the vehicle’s “wings”, although I’m sure that isn’t the only difference.

While Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy eventually saw the formation of the Batcave, it was nothing compared to what we’re seeing so far in Batman V Superman. The infamous hideout seemed to still be in it’s infancy when the trilogy concluded in 2012. Zack Snyder’s Batman; however, is much more seasoned. He’s been crime fighting for a while, and is worn from battle. This also means that his equipment and hideout are much more sophisticated than anything we saw in the Nolan trilogy.

Clearly the Batcave is a pretty epic operation this time around. Through this short clip, we see how the new Batcave is equipped with tunnel systems for Batman’s vehicles. Being able to see the Batmobile gaining speed while exiting the Wayne mansion was pretty epic, and made the anticipation for Batman V Superman’s release even stronger. Since the Batwing will be making an appearance, I’m sure we’ll also be introduced to the high-tech system that allows it to take off on the Wayne property. 

Given that Bruce Wayne is so prepared with crime-fighting technology, it seems hopeful that the Justice League will have some bad ass hideout as well. While Justice League Part One won’t hit theaters until at least 2017, it can be assumed that the League will have some fancy digs. Perhaps they’ll be able to occupy the Watchtower, or take it back to the retro days with the Hall of Justice. 

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will fly and drive into theaters March 25th.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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