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The years between 2000 and 2007 were not kind to Ben Affleck. With the exception of a few titles, nearly every movie the man starred in was pummeled by critics, most notably titles like Gigli, Surviving Christmas, Pearl Harbor, and Paycheck. Fortunately he turned it all around when he decided to take a trip behind the camera with Gone Baby Gone and completely reinvented himself. But just because he has success as a director doesn't mean he's done in front of it. He directed himself to some critical acclaim in last year's Boston-set heist film The Town and now he's ready to do it again.

Variety reports that Affleck has assigned himself the lead role in Argo, the political thriller that will be Affleck's third directorial effort. Set in 1979, the film is about the true-life covert mission in which the CIA sent a team to Iran disguised as a movie crew to help rescue six American hostages. As previously reported, Alan Arkin is attached to star as producer Lester Siegel and John Goodman is in talks to play famous movie make-up artist John Chambers. In addition to operatives, members of the Hollywood community were brought onto the mission to give credence to the fake production.

Here's the deal: I don't think Affleck is a bad actor. I do think, however, that he has a long history of picking incredibly shitty scripts. Since staring his career as a director he has changed that up a bit, picking two books, Gone Baby Gone by Dennis Lehane and Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan, that he personally adapted and turned into fantastic films. While Affleck didn't write the script for Argo (that title is worn by Chris Terrio), with any luck Affleck was using the filmmaker part of his brain instead of the acting part when choosing it as his next project and we can continue enjoying his work.