Terrance Malick will release To the Wonder on April 12, 2013, less than two years after the flowing narrative of the Academy Award-nominated Tree of Life, which makes this the most prolific period in the semi-cult director’s oeuvre. Seemingly trading in artsy philosophy for artsy romantic foils, To the Wonder could possibly have been called Terrence Malick’s Love Movie and no one would have batted an eye.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, the newest poster for To the Wonder has made its way to the public, and anyone expecting yet another poster of characters, in this case those of Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko, in close contact with one another will be patting themselves on the back. This completely safe for work image is admittedly more striking than the other posters have been, save for the creepy looking French poster focusing on Javier Bardem’s priest.

As well, this is the poster with a metaphorical appeal that goes beyond the simple lovey-doveyness. The plot concerns the relationship between Neil (Affleck) and Marina (Kurylenko), who meet on Mont Saint-Michel before moving back to Oklahoma, where a rift begins to grow between them. (Plus, the side plot involving Bardem’s priest who has lost the faith.) This poster stylishly makes this split literal, cutting off the section featuring the island where they met, signifying that they’ve moved on, and perhaps their half-embrace is something else entirely. Or maybe it’s just a clear rip off of the Criterion release for Malick’s The Thin Red Line. At least the font reflects a feeling of coldness in a way.

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