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7 Days in Havana sounds like it could easily be the tittle of a film about Cuban Missile Crisis-- what, am I the only person who remembers that Bruce Greenwood movie 13 Days-- but the actual film is going to be a lot more about Cuba and its culture than missiles and Castro. According to Variety del Toro has joined an international lineup of directors to helm a segment of the omnibus film, consisting of seven shorts that take place in Cuba's capital city. Also joining are French directors Laurent Cantet (The Class) and Gaspar Noe (Enter the Void), plus Pablo Trapero, Elia Suleiman, Julio Medem and Juan Carlos Tabio, Tabio being the only Cuban director in the lineup.

Producer Didar Domehri explained the concept thusly: "This is one connected and collective film. Each director shoots one episode, which takes place from morning to night." It sounds not unlike the "Cities of Love" project that so far includes Paris Je T'aime and New York I Love You, although the Cuban version will contain a lot less smooching and a much wider variety of topics. Del Toro's story follows an American tourist's first 24 hours in the city, while Noe will follow and exorcism. The project starts shooting 2011, and though it sounds like more of an artsy effort than something we'll see in wide release somewhere, surely a film festival or a dozen will pick this one up in a heartbeat.

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