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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure has become an iconic eighties classic, exploring history and time traveling through the help of a phone booth and a wizened George Carlin. The film helped to launch Keanu Reeves’ career, and almost 25 years later, it’s available on Blu-ray for the first time. The Blu-ray version of the film hit stores just yesterday, and to celebrate, we have a very “bogus” and “excellent” infographic to share with fans.

As the snippet above proves, there are a lot of historical characters that pop up in the flick. In an easy timeline format, the infograph effectively shows the journey the two dudes take in a blast to the past. It also uses a bunch of archaic eighties lingo to describe those mini journeys the two righteous dudes takes. This may not be the most interactive infograph I’ve ever seen, but it should inspire some ridiculous memories concerning the flick and its lingo. You can check out the full version of the infograph in the thumbnail at the bottom of the page.

The Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Blu-ray does come with a slew of special features, including an “Air Guitar Tutorial” segment, a “One Sweet and Sour Chinese Adventure to Go” extra, radio spots, and the initial theatrical trailer. None of the bonus features seem to have any particular “wow” factor, but if the infograph does bring up some pretty rad memories, the Blu-ray may be one to check out.