Will they call it the Bourne Identity Gender Crisis? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bold Films has picked up a spec script referred to as a lady version of The Bourne Identity. Doug Cook and David Weisberg (The Rock, Double Jeopardy) have written “Blank Slate” about, and here I will just quote the website so I don’t do this ridiculousness any injustice:
the CIA which, in order to investigate a murdered female agent, implants the agent's memories into the damaged brain of a female convict. The agent's lethal abilities also are implanted, and soon the convict goes rogue to discover the truth about the murder.

Oh boy. Forget, for a second, that the title sounds like a romantic comedy about a guy who gets amnesia and falls in love with a different girl other than his terrible girlfriend. Are we really talking about implanting memories into a convict? I can suspend disbelief as much as the next guy, and the Bourne movies require a decent amount of that, but what part of this movie seems intriguing? And where, except the amnesia part maybe, does it appear to be a female Bourne movie? Additionally, if they planted the memories into the convict, couldn’t they just then ask the convict to tell who killed the agent? Should I have this many questions after a two sentence movie description? Probably not. Oh and in case you were wondering, Bold Films recently released Legion so the bar is already set pretty low.

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