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There Jeremy Renner-led The Bourne Legacy wasn't as successful as the three previous films in the franchise, but evidently it was just successful enough to warrant a sequel. Deadline is now reporting that Universal Pictures is now getting the gears moving on yet another film, once again following the adventures of Renner's superspy Aaron Cross.

According to the report, Anthony Peckham, whose previous credits include Clint Eastwood's Invictus and Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes, has been hired to pen the screenplay for the film, which is actually a pretty interesting move. Tony Gilroy, who also directed The Bourne Legacy, has had a hand in penning all of the Bourne movies thus far, so it's interesting that the studio wouldn't return to him. This might suggest that Gilroy will not be part of the untitled sequel, but Deadline's report doesn't say anything one way or the other.

Legacy introduced audiences to Cross, who is an agent similar to Jason Bourne and came out of a similar top secret program. At the start of the film he was dependent on specialized medication that made him both physically and mentally superior to most, but by the end of the film - and after a globe-trotting mission - the effects of the meds became permanent. The film had a stellar supporting cast that included Rachel Weiss, Edward Norton, Corey Stoll, Donna Murphy, Oscar Isaac and Stacy Keach as well as returning stars Scott Glenn, Albert Finney David Strathairn and Joan Allen, but it's unknown at this time who among the cast will be coming back for more.

Things also continue to remain quiet on the Matt Damon front. The star left the franchise after The Bourne Ultimatum when director Paul Greengrass said that he was done making Bourne movies, and it doesn't seem like the actor has budged on his stance in the years since. Still, the studio can always dangle the carrot and say that they hope someday to make a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross crossover film - and, frankly, that does sound like a pretty cool idea.

The timetable of the Bourne Legacy sequel isn't exactly clear. Deadline's report doesn't mention a possible start date, and, of course, they still have to find someone to direct the movie. Renner is likely going to be very busy at the start of next year, as that's when Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios is planning to get the ball rolling on The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but perhaps if they start production in late 2014 they can have it ready for Fall 2015? As more news becomes available we will update you on all of the information.

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