There's another installment of The Twilight Saga in theaters this weekend, so it's time to once again talk in shocked terms about just how much money a romantic vampire movie can pull in. After setting a franchise record with $30.3 million from midnight screenings, then spinning that into a $72 million opening day, Breaking Dawn is finally wrapping up its big weekend with an estimated $139.5 million domestic gross. If you include the worldwide showings, it's made $283.5 million. In three days. And what did you do with your weekend?

If you want to rank Breaking Dawn against all the movies that came before it, it now boasts the fifth-largest opening ever domestically, and the 10th best worldwide-- a stat that allowed it to jump past New Moon, which beat it with $142 million domestically but only grossed $274.9 million worldwide. Either way it's hard to deny that the Twilight movies continue to be massively, massively successful and important for any other studio that's trying to build similar franchises (you know Lionsgate is paying plenty of attention as they prepare to release The Hunger Games next year).

So with Breaking Dawn's big weekend over, and a ton of new Thanksgiving releases ready to rush in and fill the void, now's your last chance to chime in with your hate, love or carefully calculated indifference toward Twilight. Come on, you know you want to jump in the comments and whine just one more time. Go ahead, I won't yell at you this once. But starting Monday, we are officially over Twilight mania for another year. Deal?

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