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At this point we expect superhero movies to come with an extra scene after the credits, whether it's Nick Fury showing up to induct the next member of The Avengers or Sinestro showing up at the end of Green Lantern to tease the sequel that will probably never actually happen. And why should the Twilight movies be any different? After all, their sequels are just as highly anticipated as the next Batman movie, and especially with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 cutting off halfway through the story, there's plenty more action to tease coming down the line.

So, now we can tell you-- if you're seeing Breaking Dawn at midnight tonight, make sure to stick around through the credits. I caught the scene when I screened the movie for review this week, but of course won't spoil it; instead you can just let star Peter Facinelli give you the heads up himself, via his Twitter account:

If you're a devoted Twihard you can probably guess what to expect in the final scene-- after all, Bella and Edward's wedding and her pregnancy is only part of the action. But we won't spoil the fun for everybody else. Breaking Dawn is poised to shatter all kind of box office records when it opens this weekend, and if the previous films are any indication, there will be big crowds even for the midnight screenings tonight. I know it's a long movie, and at the end of two hours you're going to want to get to bed. But if you've made the effort to see it at midnight, for god's sake, give the credits a few extra minutes. It'll pay off.