Bruce Willis' Private Eye Comedy Is Lining Up A Great Cast

Bruce Willis is set to get back into the comedy game, reteaming with the writers of Cop Out to make an untitled film that will feature him back as a private detective. But while it looks like this is Willis' vehicle to steer, he is being joined on the project by a pretty great supporting cast.

The Hollywood Reporter not only has the scoop on these new casting additions, but also details about who all of the newcomers will be playing in the comedy - which will be about a P.I. living in Los Angeles who discovers that his dog has been kidnapped due to some business relating to his profession.. So who are these actors? Let's do a quick rundown, shall we?

Jason Momoa

First up, we have Jason Momoa, who is on the verge of joining the A-list thanks to his high profile role as Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the larger DC Cinematic Universe. In this new movie, he will be playing the principal antagonist of the story and the guy who ends up with Bruce Willis' dog. What's interesting is that instead of Willis just going for bloody revenge against the guy, Momoa's character instead will force the private eye to do some work for him. The former Game of Thrones star doesn't have an extensive amount of experience in comedy, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Famke Janssen

The second newcomer to this untitled Bruce Willis film doesn't really have too much comedic material in her resume either - and her part in the story actually creates more questions than it answers. This project will be Famke Janssen's first comedy since David Wain's 2007 film The Ten, and in the new movie she will apparently be playing Willis' sister-in-law. Not only is it not clear how she will fit into the dognapping plot, but this also seems to suggest that Willis' character has a wife - and it's a touch odd that the sister-in-law character would be cast first.

Thomas Middleditch

Finally we have Thomas Middleditch, who has actually spent the last few weeks making us laugh hysterically in episodes of his HBO series Silicon Valley (which just wrapped up its second season this past Sunday). In this new film, he will be playing Bruce Willis' assistant in the private eye business, and is described as "a geek working in Willis’ one-man operation." There unfortunately aren't any more details available, but I wonder if this means that he will be handling the tech side of things in the business.

Cop Out writers Mark and Robb Cullen will be making their directorial debut with this new project, and hopefully the script lives up to the cast that they've managed to get on board. Production on the movie is being planned for later this month, which means we can probably expect to see the final product some time in 2016.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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