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Bryan Singer Teases Secret X-Mansion Scene In X-Men: Apocalypse

What did people do to hype up their movies before social media? These days you barely need to worry about getting the scoop from an inside source when the director will just tell you what they’re up to. Such is the case with the latest news on the set of X-Men:Apocalypse as Bryan Singer himself is showing off the set for a "secret scene" in a not so secret location, the hallway outside of Cerebro’s room underneath the Xavier School.

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The Instagram post hit the web last night, so the crew was certainly working late to get this shot done. The background of the short clip clearly shows the hallway that, we assume, leads to Cerebro. It looks to be the same hallway that we’ve seen in nearly every X-Men movie to date. Having said that, this will be the first film since the future was changed so maybe there’s something else, or something more, going on down there.

While we know quite a bit about Apocalypse: who the characters are, who the villain will be, etc. we don’t have a lot of detail, or any at all really, regarding the plot so what’s so secret that could be going on in that hallway? Is the big bad himself about to come barreling down it and crash into the door where Cerebro is kept? Is there a character (and an actor) that we don’t know about who’s about to be filmed? Since most of the characters, even the new ones, who will be in this film are not being hidden from fans, if there is anybody they’re not telling us about, then that must be a big reveal. Or will this be one of the scenes that changes the X-Men universe.

One comment on Singer’s Instagram caught our eye. What about the Danger Room? We’ve only ever seen it in The Last Stand and really, does that even count anymore? It might be cool to see Singer’s taken on the famous X-Men training facility. While it’s hard to tell for sure, there’s an area behind Singer at the very beginning of the clip that looks like it could be covered in green screen material. While that’s hardly definitive, that set could be an entirely different part of the movie, it is at least one possible interpretation.

But we need to talk about the most important thing in the video. While the stuff in the background is intriguing let’s focus on the thing that’s front and center. It doesn’t look like Bryan Singer has slept in a month. The guy looks completely out of it. Bryan, buddy, we love you, you’ve been doing a great job but please get some rest. We promise the movie will still be there when you wake up.

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